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Which model hub kits XHS and Flo-Torq fits on my 2017 ETEC 200HO?

I have Michigan Wheel props that I would like to test before I change my Raker II to a smaller pitch.

I’m getting only 5000 on my Raker II 14 1/2 x 24 stainless prop and it slips a lot under load. I’m thinking I need 21 pitch.

Advice would be appreciated.

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Well if my experiance is anything to go by:
I've got a 225HP and it was only getting 5200 with a Raker II 26", and over-revving with a Raker 22", I tried the Raker HO 24" and its perfect.
I sold the 26" to a mate with a 250HO who was over revving with a 25" and the 26" is perfect  for him.
Based on those 2 instances would seem to point to a Raker 22" being spot on for your 200HO.
The Raker II has large vent holes and I can see why it would slip underload - you can get plastic or rubber grommets for that size hole and you could drill smaller holes in them which would lessen slip under load ,but at the end of the day you are not getting near full revs so are over-propped.
The Raker 1 prop has smaller vent 1/4" holes and won't slip as much - I have drilled these to 3/8" in one application which gave me the holeshot revs I needed.
Or for something different that could work for you - a merc high Five prop in 23" - it over revved on my 225HO but had so much pull at hole shot the skiers were complaining so I had to watch it. Topped out at 52mph so not as fast as a Raker 22".  
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