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Dear Experts

Is there a way to adjust or move the spline setting depth on a Viper prop. Mine seemed to get out of spec. Please see two photos. Mine and a new one.
Do you hammer it or put it in a press. Is it movable through the torsion envelope?
The way the propeller is now it does not sit correctly for mounting. Not sure if it was like that since new but it was taken off and this served as a backup.
Is it movable to correct? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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The prop hub will most likely be damaged if moved that far and a hammer will not do, a big press will be needed and most good prop shops could remove nad fit a new hub pretty easily.

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Found the solution. 3.5 tons with a correct diameter to cover the rubber hub completely.
Three separate tries and each time it moved a little.
Used a hydraulic press.
I suspect it came from the factory not lined up flush.
The prop mounts perfect now on my trusty simple carbu 22( Evinrude which only has 160 hours on it. Had it since new but too much working overseas hence only got to use it once a year.
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