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I found a piece of the “foam” exhaust muffler filter in the exhaust muffler port of our 75 hp E-Tec. How important is that filter in the I-3 engines? Our 2008 engine has about 160 hours. I can’t much online or in the service manual about the exhaust system function.
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You can get all sorts of Weird problems if it's Plugged up.  Best to take the side cowlings off, un-do the 6 little screws holding that little cover, and see what's underneath.

A lot of Low Speed or Cold running?  Those will help plug that baby up, and for a $10 part, best to replace at Least every 3 years.


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The actual purpose of this "filter" element is noise reduction. Phil is right about the symptoms when it's clogged. When I replaced mine after 3 years and 174 hours I was surprised how black this foam piece has got.

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I used a pick to pull the foam pieces out of my exhaust relief port and ran the engine another 2 years without the foam filter. Think it is for noise reduction only.

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be very careful reassembling the lower cowls  halves 

line up the  bolt holes and dont  force anything otherwise you may crack the  cowl…   tighten to spec 

 I had to  reglue  mine   to save  thousands of $$$...... then I used  star washers to help lock the bolts   instead  of torquing  them to much 

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Originally Posted by Crosbyman
be very careful reassembling the lower cowls  halves 

line up the  bolt holes and dont  force anything otherwise you may crack the  cowl…   tighten to spec 


24 to 36 inch-pounds on a torque wrench. Make sure the side covers are in position and held there while torquing the screws. 


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I was told the foam exhaust filter is to catch soot coming out of the engine for EPA regulations. If you take it out you will notice more black build up around the exhaust port which would make sense
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good morning from Kefalonia Island, Ionian Sea, Greece,

Almost two months ago i decided to check the muffler filter of my 2007 90. I found some salt inside and the filter was blacked enough but in one piece and in fair condition... I replaced it anyway and because i found the painting of the engine under the muffler filter plastic cover in bad condition, I re-paint  the area around with good quality primer and paint... overall it was an easy repair...

take a look,

Αντίγραφο του IMG_20190608_064019.jpg   
the new filter and the new elastic gasket

Αντίγραφο του IMG_20190608_064053.jpg
it was easy to take out the six screws that keep the cover in place

  Αντίγραφο του IMG_20190608_064208.jpg 
the old filter (2007, almost 360 hours, never changed before...) was black, but in fair condition

Αντίγραφο του IMG_20190608_064224.jpg 
some salt inside the filter space (it is very difficult to properly rinse this area with fresh water after the use in the sea...)

Αντίγραφο του IMG_20190608_064236.jpg  Αντίγραφο του IMG_20190608_064253.jpg  Αντίγραφο του IMG_20190608_064257.jpg 
the paint of the engine body was in bad condition under the elastic gasket...

Αντίγραφο του IMG_20190608_065854.jpg  Αντίγραφο του IMG_20190608_065901.jpg 
sand paper and cleaning the area with rubbing alchool

Αντίγραφο του IMG_20190608_071215.jpg  Αντίγραφο του IMG_20190608_071222.jpg 
i masked the area and use a good quality primer and paint in spray...

Αντίγραφο του IMG_20190608_072555.jpg Αντίγραφο του IMG_20190608_072605.jpg   

old and new muffler filter and gasket...

Nothing changed after the replace. The sound and the performance seems the same...

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Excellent post, thank you!
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