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2008 115 hp. Model E 115 DSLSCR. SER # 05210064

The hot alarm goes off intermittently... It is spitting water and may run for an hour before the alarm goes off and I immediately shut it down and do an instant restart.. Motor starts immediately and no alarm.. it does the computer countdown check and runs perfectly until the next event which could be another hour or two away or not long after the restart.
The other day it went of five times during a six mile run at 3200 rpm..   It may or may not do it again the next day...  Idles perfectly and will run wide open if requires.. I usually don't run to much over 3200 rpm.   It's an almost flat bottom boat and at speeds over 20mph
it doesn't handle wake from larger boats very well....
I had the computer replaced last spring and put the boat away until the October.
I didn't have time to really run the boat prior to leaving Florida as the repair was completed 
the day before I left....
Is the computer water cooled?   Is it possibly the computer that is overheating and not the motor itself?   I'm not a mechanic nor am I related to one...  
I've had the 300 hour service done on the motor twice already and I only have less than
300 hrs. on it.  So that means I've had two impellers replace not including the original during the 


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I see that I've posted this  the wrong category..  That's what I get for not using my cheaters when posting.....
Could this be moved to the 115 E-tec 4 cylinder category ?
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