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My Etec 150 has been great but the other night as I was coming back to my dock i went WOT for a couple minutes and then got the HOT warning. I shut down immediately and the warnings stopped. I took her out the next day and and a couple times since and everything was fine, back to normal. 
At first I thought it was the oil light (I couldn't find my glasses at the time) since I had just added oil prior to the trip and assumed that there was an air bubble so I ran the winterizing and oil bulb thing a couple times. In hindsight I doubt the warning had anything to do with the oil.
My theory is that I picked up some weeds and clogged the water inlet causing the spike in heat.  It has been running perfectly since but I was wondering if I did any damage. 
Any thoughts? 

Here is the EMM report:

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pdf Evinrude data 2.pdf (45.45 KB, 7 views)


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Running perfectly ever since is a good sign.

My main concern would be any damage to the water pump, and that's why many like to get a water pressure gauge.  You would know if the pressure had changed from before, at various rpm's.

If you're watching it while running, seeing the drop in pressure is a heads up before the heat builds and causes alarms too.  That EMM doesn't like heat very much.

Happy boating!


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OK things just took a turn for the worse! I went out tonight and she started up and cruised like always. Then nothing. No power to the engine and I had to get a tow into shore.  I had power to all of my electronics and I have two good batteries but nothing at the engine. I couldn't even trim it from the controls or at the engine itself. There was no warning, it just died.
I doubt that this is related to the original post but some of you brainiacs know a lot more about this stuff than I do and maybe the emm report I attached will offer a clue.
I checked the connections at the battery and at my battery  switch and they at least  look OK. 

Any thoughts on where I should start?

Thanks in advance.

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Embarassingly enough there is one thing I did not check. The key kill switch. My daughter was driving and maybe she knocked it and it fell off. the symptoms fit. That will be the first thing I check in the morning.

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The 10 amp fuse on the engine is blown.
The kill switch will not disable trim.

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I haven't been down to the boat yet but I researched the 10 amp fuse problem and what I have read here is that the likely cause is the EMM.  I will replace the fuse but I suspect it will blow as soon as I turn the key. 
If that is the case my next problem is getting my big ol boat to the launch and loading it without power. 

One step at a time. 

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The EMM is the last thing I will start at the on/off switch check the electrical wiring, for melt wires, etc, could be anything, good luck


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