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Given oil is lighter than water, I’m not sure if you had water in the oil that it would rise into the inspection reservoir.   

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We recommend changing fuel filters once a year no matter the hours as it is "cheap easy insurance".
It is best to check lower unit oil yearly or the end of each season. Finding water in the lower unit at spring service means it sat all winter with water on the gears
We used to be able to pull the drain plug and see if water had settled to the bottom. With the Evinrude gear oil currently used the water stays emulsified in the oil and the oil just turns milky. From experience on the G2's I have seen milky oil in the resivoir on the engine.

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Hollada Due to the nature of outboard gear boxes the oil and water emulsify. And what you are left with is a milky appearance. I can confirm you do notice it so I recommend inspecting it after every trip.

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