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Ok, so we got priced at one fuel injector for a 2007 evinrude 225 hp freshwater, priced at 550$ without labor, are they just trying to screw us over, or is that one fuel injector for a 2007 evinrude.

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Old voice coil injector technology.  Technology design not used since 2007.
The manufacturer, Synerject, only makes small quantity high cost production service replacement runs on their assembly/testing line raising costs.
Retail is $563.  Usually requires 1 hr labor install, change injector coefficients in the EMM and test run.

The injectors on my V8 BMW installed are $1500 ea.

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RRP down here in our dollars is only $550 so best to contact Joe at Barnacle Bills and get a price from him, he will even supply you with the injector file. Either that or if no codes then probably need a good clean and fuelinjectorman is the go to guy up there in the US for that work.
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