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What is the expected lifetime of a good quality fuel hose ?

Mine a around 8 years, but very hard and unflexible.


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Too many variables and the consequences of fuel hose failure while boating require yearly boat fuel line and tank pickup vacuum and fuel pressure tests.  Visual examination of hose interior every couple years at ends.  Any fuel hose liner in filters?

Boozohol or real gas?
Amount of water or phase separated ethanol in gas?  Phase separated ethanol/water melts down pistons low octane.

Temperature hose operates in?

Amount of flex hose is exposed to?

Amount of sun hose is exposed to?

Any other chemical exposure to hose?

High benzene content in gas?  Common in areas of low quality high sulfur crude.



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I decided to change the fuel lines because parts of it is not flexible any more.

The hose going into the engine feels quite ok. Still feels like new.

From there, going to the external filter and to the tank It’s just hard.

It the primer bulb really needed ? I don’t believe I ever used it with my 90 etec ?

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The fuel hoses will often degrade from the inside out.  Any feeling of "strangeness" - Hard or Soft would surely suggest that either very close inspection or simply replacement would be the best.

A Primer bulb is also strongly suggested, especially when changing filters or an "Out of fuel" condition.  How else will you fill the VST to get fuel to your injectors?  There surely may be a way, but I think much better to have the bulb in the line, that is working properly and not degraded or failed.


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just changed my 10 micron Sea sense   filter-water separator...

 I wanted to fill the can   but  with the  residual gas  in the  engine hose the  pump would not let me fill the new filter can  ... 

  I went out  and the  ran the engine  on the  residual gas   and  the   lower part of the filter  (clear plastic)  quickly  filled up with the new  fresh fuel 

 not even a burp after  crusing 30 min.  at 3500 rpm  [biggrin]     

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Real Gas
stored on lift in the open  Aluminum boat uncovered...
12 year old boat and motor
Fuel line is still pliable but chalky (squeeze the ball and hand is black)
Probably time to replace..
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