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I have asked this question to a couple of local mechanics but neither of them knew the answer so I am hoping someone here can answer it....

When I run the "trip" function on my digital display to keep track of my fuel burn (on twin 225 G2's), is the “gallons burned” a total number burned or is that figure per motor? In other words, if it says 60 gallons burned, is that 60 from each tank or 60 total combined burned gallons?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Wow... there was just a whole discussion about this on here, except Twins from a single tank.  Without knowing more, it depends (I think) on how your gauge(s) are set up.

Wish there was a more definitive answer, but adding which "digital display", etc. may help.  Most of the guys here have run nearly every possible combo, and can provide better insight with a bit more info.


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What digital display do you have? One of the Evinrude color displays? If yes the trip log fuel burn is combined with both engines. Fuel use come off of the engine EMM so that number is true and accurate. It is not dependent on the fuel tank sender or any other external inputs.

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Mead - Thanks for the response, yes, the color display. It is pictured here. My fuel gauge numbers are currently not accurate so I am using the trip function to monitor my usage until I can calibrate the digital fuel gauge. I figured the trip function showed a true measure of fuel burned but wanted confirmation of that.

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On the trip log page, fuel consumed is the sum of all engines usage.
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