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Hey guys I've got a 2006 200ho with external oil tank. Apparently I forgot to put the cap back on last week after filling it up. I ran it for probably 4 hours following that. Didn't realize I left it off till just now. Should I have gotten some sort of warning? I thought the tank had to be pressurized to feed oil? The motor ran fine all day so I do t think it did any damage. Just curious about the oil alarm/light because if I ever do run low on oil and the sensor is screwed up it could turn bad.

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Only mercury engines run pressurized oil tanks. ETEC engines have an oil pump that draws oil by suction from the tank.
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Actually, both Evinrude and Mercury use pressure to lift oil from the tank up to the engine. 

In the Evinrude system, the atmospheric pressure moves the oil toward the engine because the pressure at the engine is maintained below atmospheric pressure. 

In the Mercury system, a raised pressure inside the tank moves the oil toward the engine because the pressure at the engine is maintained  around atmospheric pressure

For a comparison of the oil systems, see

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