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So finally got the cans of E tune and did a run  this morning. Went buy the instruction on can and went as follows. Kept boat around 1200 rpm for the duration of the spraying, approx. 5 min for full can.Motor did not smoke hardly at all until the can was about empty at which point the motor started to smoke like I have seen in videos and rpms started to get away. Rpms ran up to about 3000 before I shut engine off at which point I could hear a noticible knocking!! Motor is now shut down for the next 4-6 hrs and I will fire in drive way ,then take to river and run her hard. 

Concerns:The knocking, normal?
               Motor temp would not reach over 120, when I started procedure it was at running idle temp of 160, I had ear muffs on it and sitting in a tank full of water to muffle the noise and reduce the smoke. Does all this sound normal to the guys that have done this? Etuner can says let sit 4-16 hrs, I need to run it today so I can make sure its good to fish tomorrow. So is it ok to run a second can say in a week? thanx for the help,

2001 sea pro 21'


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My understanding (from what I've seen on here) was to Always be "in gear" when doing the E Tuner treatment.  That helps prevent the 'run away' rpm's.  Did mine in the slip with a couple of sturdy ropes on the stern to keep it from trying to climb up onto the walkway.

Hard to say about the knock, as it hopefully would be just a piece of carbon coming loose?  Might be worth a peek if you can see in there.

EDIT: Wouldn't this actually be a part of your previous thread?  Probably no harm, as it is "subject specific" where other folks could find it.  [wink]


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