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What is your favorite Evinrude G2 motor set up? The new three cylinder, the small block V6, the large block V6? DPS or regular steering?

I own a pair of small block 150 HO motors with DPS. I don’t think I would have bought a pair of the new three cylinder 150 motors for my tour boat (I need the torque) but the RAVE technology looks awesome.


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Exactly what you have. I’ve got several in the field and they have been fantastic. The new engine is supposed to be great but I’ve yet to put one in the water.
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I have a new 200HP G2 repowered in place of a Yam 150 4S that died with only 780 hours.  It has been great so far with lots of hole shot and mid range torque.  Some other great features:  Very sensitive fly by wire controls; smart push buttons on throttle to increase / decrease rpms for trolling; Itrim that automatically adjusts; smart digital gauge that shows all the fuel/oil/trip/battery/trim/mph/mpg info and is very user friendly.  Lastly, I am impressed with the fuel efficiency.  Any doubts I had are now no longer.
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