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Originally the binnacle was working, but the binnacle was grounded to the vessel’s hull via the mounting bolts.

If I understand correctly you’ve now isolated the binnacle ground from the mounting bolts and the binnacle will no longer power up.

Since you’ve verified +12vdc is being supplied to the binnacle when the key is turned on it sounds to me that there is no continuity in the ground wiring from the binnacle back to the battery.

I’m not familiar with that binnacle, and how it should be wired, but you need to have a complete circuit for it to work, should there be a ground wire connected to the mounting stud?

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To be honest, I don't know if the Binnacle originally was working.
The seller obviously say it was working before it was removed from his boat (and I've seen a film from this). So something must have happend from the time it was removed from his boat and and to the time it was delivered to me. 

According to the wiring schematics, I can't see any grounding wire from the mounting stud.

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The mounting studs are not intended to be utilized as the ground path for control head power.  The intended ground path is via the L4 terminal of the multi-pin connector on the control head and then through the black wire (terminal 3) of the Private network connector.

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Status update.. The binnacle was the problem. Got a replacement and suddenly all things liht up and trim is working along with correct led-luminaton.
Finally. Thanks for all help.
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