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Hello All, I am new to this group and wondered if anyone can help with an issue i have got with my E-TEC 300 HP engine. We are having issues with the Port engine at the moment. Under load (2500-3000rpm or 25 knots) the engine is jerking, almost like its jumping out of gear. We had the engineers looking at it yesterday and the recalibrated the throttle to see if that was the issue, unfortunately it is still doing it. There are no faults listed on the management system. We are not sure if the problem if the Starboard one is doing it also, we thought it did yesterday, but cant be sure. The port engine started off doing small subtle jerks, but last few days its become quite a violent jerking action. Anyone had similar problems? Engines only have 116 hours on them. Cheers Paul

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Rule #1 of this forum, post model and serial.
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