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2020 60 HP tiller

Model #   E60DGTLAGJ

Serial #    5565712


     New motor, new Icon Tach, new NMEA 2000 Trim gauge, but no trim reading. All items self installed except motor hung and setup done by dealer.

Closest dealer 2.5 hours away. Probably wouldn’t take it to him anyway, as I’ll eventually figure it out. I do all my own work. Have a copy of the 2012 Service manual.

    Tach works for other things, but no Trim reading. Trim gauge lights up, but no reading.

In researching my problem after the installation and failure to have Trim reading today. I read on this site in one of the older posts that 60HP and lower engines do not have Trim on the NMEA Network as the EMM is smaller and not capable of transmitting the data to the network. Is this still true for a 2020 motor as well? If so, I’ve done a lot of reading and never saw any warnings or cautions about Network or NMEA Trim gauges not working on the lower HP engines.

     So, if the above is true then I’ll need to wire up an old-style analog gauge. Also, on this site in older posts it talks about there being a place to install a resistor in the wiring harness and/or having to add a resistor for the gauge. All the gauges I’ve ever used had the resistor on the back of the gauge and came with the gauge.  Will a resistor be needed on my motor or can I just get an Evinrude gauge and tie it to the White/Tan sender wire, with B+ and ground on the correct terminals of the gauge?

Since it’s a tiller is there anything special, I need to do to get it setup? Can I just tie onto the White/Tan wire in the tiller handle and run it to my gauge?  There seems to be very little info out there on the tillers wiring harnesses etc. I know I can tie the analog signal into the Icon Tach. But can I still run a separate gauge if tied into the Icon Tach?

    Additionally, can I run an analog fuel gauge and also tie it into the Icon gauge?

    Basically, can you tell me what I need in parts if anything, besides the gauge to get the trim working. I’ve read your white paper on Trim in the Rigging section but still a little confused, to many different items covered.


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The 60hp does not support N2K trim output. So yes you will need to install an Analog trim gauge and enable function with the white w/tan stripe wire. 

From a practical standpoint and IMHO, trim position on a tiller steered engine is meaningless. Trim the engine by feel and balanced steering torque feedback and that‘s all that’s needed. 


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Thanks for your quick reply. 
I hear you and have done it that way for many years. But I like to be able to get to the sweet spot in repeatable fashion and then fine tune.
Appreciate the help! Thanks!

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Additional research on Jimh white paper, netted a find. 
By connecting the White/Tan wire to the Icon Pro tach analog input the tach will transmit on the gauge network the trim signal, thus the Icon Trim Gauge works, as well as the trim indicator on the Tach and I don't need to get an analog Trim gauge and wire it in.

Thanks Jimh for your writeup!
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