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2007 ETEC 50 HP tiller. About a week ago I left a fishing hole started the motor put it in gear opened it up wide open ran fine. About mile down river it started to run erratic, acted like it wanted to die then gain RPM but the wanted to die. The day before it ran fine. It done this all the way to the boat ramp about four miles. Took boat home done some checking on the internet, this is what I have done. Replaced the fuel filter, spark plugs, ckd fuel pressure at top port of VSR got a reading of 30 lb pressure. I pulled the fuel tank dumped the fuel and replaced it with non ethanol premium fuel. Speaking of ethanol to my knowledge I have never ran ethanol in this motor. What I mean the pump at the gas station has to say NO Ethanol. Motor still will not run right

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A few things I would look at first - 

1- when you checked the fuel pressure, was the engine cold?  Try running on the water with the gauge hooked up and watch it when it starts to stumble.  The HP pump may be getting hot and binding.  Your pressure would drop and then the stumble.  Could be the lift pump not keeping up - see below.

2- check volume and pressure from your lift pump.  All sorts of little rubber parts inside that may not want to play nice any more after 13 years of service.

3- if the fuel was old and maybe possible water contamination, best to try and flush all that you can through the system and get the fresh fuel in there.

4- how did the plugs look?  black but not fluffy?  wet?  it wouldn't necessarily cause the symptoms continuing but you did "index" the plugs?  a wet plug may indicate a coil warming up and not firing the fuel.

Just the "view from under the shade tree".  [wink]


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Also run compression tests, 13 yr old motor.

Fuel system tests is best done on the water unless you find the problem while hose testing first.
Only hose testing is NOT absolute proof of no parts failure.
Running under load pushing a bow wave or running above 4000 rpms on plane often will motor load force the failure to show.


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No the fuel pressure was not done on the river, yes the motor was cold. What I am doing is one thing at a time trying isolate it. As of now I have sent my injectors to have them cleaned. I'm trying simple cheaper fixes first. The fuel was purchased at the gas station the day before this happened. The boat ran fine the day after the purchase. It started acting up two days after the purchase. Thanks for the input, when the injectors come back I will let you know what happens. I also want to add I bought this motor new has than 300 hrs. on it.
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