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Hard to start without alot off power
With 60amp booster charger on battery it bursts in to life instantly
But with two batterys on 110amph works for day or so then fails to start ?
Also when putting into winter mode it sometimes fails to shut down ?

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Being a bit more descriptive would save a lot of unnecessary suggestions and work on your part.  What is hard to start without a lot of power?  Does it mean the engine cranks slowly; refusing to maintain operation?  Does it mean the starter motor will not turn the engine over?  Can you provide RPM at which engine turns "with two batterys on 110amph" when it fails to start?  What is engine cranking RPM "With 60amp booster charger on battery it bursts in to life instantly"?

If you want an educated guess, your problem is most likely a high resistance somewhere in the electrical path between the cranking battery or batteries (you didn't describe your installation) and the starter motor.  Using a voltmeter, check the voltage drop across each component in the current path one part at a time while cranking engine
  • Drop from + battery cable terminal (at battery) to battery cable terminal (at starter solenoid)
  • Drop across starter solenoid
  • Drop across starter motor (+ terminal to grounding point of starter)
  • Drop from - battery cable terminal (at engine) to -battery cable terminal (at battery).
  • Include testing voltage drop across battery selector switch (if you have one)
You mention "two batterys on 110amph".  Does this imply you have paralleled two 110 a-h batteries?  If so, disconnect them and use a battery analyzer to verify both batteries are in good condition; being fully charged and advertised capacity.  Putting a defective battery in parallel with a good one will result in the equivalent of two bad batteries.

Report all your test results for interpretation.

"Also when putting into winter mode it sometimes fails to shut down ?"  As the Winterization function is simply the end result of firmware executing each instruction as it was written, it will always result in the same chain of events.  It will not have random end results.  The answer is - when it fails to shut down, you did not have it in Winterization mode.

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What is your engine model number?

A better and improved starter came out years ago for early 3-cyl engines

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