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Hi Everyone,

I have reposted this hoping to get more of a response in this category.

Just wondering has anyone gone through what I have gone through in the past 2months??

Etec 90hp 2011 Model number E90DSLINS.

Started to pop and miss from 1800 rpm to 2800 rpm.
Work Done:- Changed and indexed Plugs and leads, All filters including VSD Filter, Cleaned injectors and had them tested, replaced 2 x Batteries, Checked all electrical inputs to EMM, Checked Capacitor, replaced TPS sensor and calibrated. Checked fuel pressures. Finally replaced existing EMM map software with same version from a different source, and finally it seems to have cleared the fault.
I have the ETEC diagnostic program no faults ever identified.
Can anyone please also tell me that I am running the latest software for this motor??
Appreciate your responses.  

Map Software 3030451
Emm Soft Rev 2016243
EMM Map Version IN090116

One thing I have noted on the Monitor page using the Diagnostic Etec Software  is that the charging current is near always Zero or low numbers ??? Voltage is 14 volts however charging the Batteries. 


S. Komorowski

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Check answer from GEB in your previous posting. Post #4.

If the battery is fully charged, it wont draw much current. Draw down battery and recheck current draw at higher than idle speed. 


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No point in asking the same question twice. Just gets confusing.
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