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Happy owner of a 90hp 2016 Etec with 183hours. During the last 20hours I have noticed that after 5000rpm and up to WOT the engine intermittently "cuts" for 1-2 seconds without losing power completely. RPMs seem to fall from 5400 (WOT) to 4800-5000 and then it picks up back to 5400. 

A clogged VST filter was my primary suspicion but I recently purchased a cable and connected the EVdiag. It seems that the EMM has logged 15 instances of error 16 - "Intermittent Loss of Sync of the CPS".

Should I change this sensor or are there any other suggestions for things I could look into?


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After verifying that the CPS is securely mounted and the air gap is within specifications, replacement would be in order

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Also check for any iron rust or metal particles on the probe end of the CPS or the flywheel ribs/iron bumps?

Condition of flywheel inner surface magnets and stator for any broken off particles.  Can attach to CPS and/or flywheel ribs disrupting electrical timing signal from CPS

Can also be damaged CPS connector or wiring to EMM.

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Is it fairly simple to reach the CPS sensor or are any special tools needed? Haven’t checked the engine manual in detail yet
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