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Hi folks,

One of our twin 300hp ETecs at work shuts down without an error code after it warms up. It takes 45 mins or so before it will crank again. We had a local Evinrude dealer hook up his computer for diagnosis and still did not get any codes. Everything that I have read and can think of points to a bad fuel pump. We took the cowling off of both motors and compared the sounds of the pumps while turning the key to on. The starboard (last motor shown) is the problematic motor. Do the pumps in the video sound normal to you?  I appreciate any help you can provide. 


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They do sound somewhat different, but that may not say anything, I will check the VST filter out see if it is clogged or dirty, them take the fuel pump out and check the intake filter, you can switch fuel pumps see if the problem follows, easy when you have two identical engines.   
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Thanks for the info. We leave that boat in the water and it is currently at a local marina since that's nearer our hurricane hole than our lift. Do you have to take the side cowlings off to get to it?

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Problem not showing up for extended run time, 45 minutes, most likely high pressure main pump motor is binding up from heat or internal rust dirt.
Put a fuel pressure gauge on it and run until it fails.  Record run pressure and fail pressures.

Pump may not be noisy at idle and before motor overheats.

Can also be excessive boat fuel system vacuum restriction causing extra load on fuel pump> overheat or problem with lift pump not working to specs putting extra load on main HP pump.

The 300s put a high fuel flow demand load on both pumps, have to be up to spec or fuel starvation, motor quits or after several overheats from lean burn, piston melts

Throwing expensive parts at these E-TECs is expensive and frustrating.  Test and locate real source of failure


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Thanks for the insight Steelhead.
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