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When hitting wot the motor stutters like this at 4300rpm and when getting past that it goes fine. Today the stutter isnt like in the video, now it feels more like the motor hesitates a bit, sometimes going down 100rpm and then it pass through and it goes well.
(Swede so sorry for grammar)

I have tested different spark plugs with indexing.

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Vardelos      Value less?

Model, serial?


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I took out the plugs and they where fitted 100% wrong according to indexing, from last service.
But that was 30h ago, 2 years ago. Havent used the motor in a while.

So i sent the vid to the workshop that did the service, and they said that probably the internal exhaust was broken?!?
Is that probable? Can that happen during service? Or can tje wrongly fitted plugs do this in 30h?

One other thing, if i touch the gas wire, and not fit it exactly the same again, lets say i touched the nuts that tension the gas wire, can this happen then?

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