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All of the military customers want heavy fuel.  The fire hazard from gasoline is just not acceptable.  We just had a horrible fire in San Diego aboard an amphibious assault ship.  While this wasn't caused by gasoline, this ship is the kind of ship that would be used to support operations aboard small craft that use outboards and it is an example of what can happen if you had gasoline on board a ship.  It is going to be difficult to replace the MFE series of engines now that Evinrude has closed down that part of the business.  Remember Evinrude was the last company manufacturing small (under 100 hp) outboards in the USA.  Now there is no one manufacturing small outboards in the US.  

Part of the reason that Evinrude was given the contract to develop the MFE series of engines was that they were a big company and had been in the business forever, and I'm sure that no one in the military ever believed that Evinrude would overnight just be gone from that supplier base.  It was unthinkable.  One of the reasons we were selected to go on and actually build our prototypes was that it was thought that the MFE 55 would be in production for years to come and that this would be an addition to the product line that would be available as an option much the same a the current jet drive for the MFE55 is.  Note that the present jet drive isn't made by Evinrude, but was developed and manufactured by a small company and supplied to Evenrude and is offered as an option in on their new engines.

Totally changed environment in just a matter of 3 months.




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Was supposed to be recertified again this year. Covid 19. Now going out of business. Everything is upside down.
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