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Hey All
I know there are some knowledgeable folks on this forum.  My 250 ETEC tilt / trim has my engine stuck in the down position. Help!  Ideas?   Model # DE250PXAAA

I am able to turn the manual release screw 3 turns (counter-clockwise) or till it touched the release screw clip.  We still cannot budge the engine to get it up. (3 guys all at once trying to lift) 
We tested everything top side to ensure power is running the switch and then out, etc...  We are pretty sure the tilt motor is shot - but we cannot get to it.

What can we try to get this motor tilted up?  Are there any risks to using force?  Such as a hydraulic jack or using a come-along on a pole? (Of course we will protect the lower unit)

ALSO - Is there something else frozen or stuck that could break after applying some force?

I know there have been posts on this but none of them seem to go much further than to turn the manual release screw.  Most posts are actually to lower the engines to be fair.

As a side bar: My engine is only a 2012.  Should I be upset with BRP that the tilt motor is shot at this age?  



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Grease points on the tilt tube could be corroded and binding that the tilt pump or manual pulling cannot overcome. A jack won't work as you have to be able to pull with rearward force to start tilting the engine. We manually lift the large motors with a forklift and have to drive in reverse to get the tilt motion started then we can raise the forks. A come along rigged at a 45 degree angle should work.

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PB Blaster on the tilt joints.

Must set in salt w. year around?

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Gonna give it tug with a cherry picker to see if we can get it moving up one day next week.  Trailering it to the shop tomorrow should be fun - UGH!
Steelhead, yes spends ~ six months in saltwater.  I am not 100% sure where the tilt joints are located, PB Blaster should help. 
I just hope the bolts on the TnT motor are not corroded and frozen.  Things may get even more expensive...

Back to my earlier question:  Should this pump of failed at 7 yrs old? 


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Could be that having the tilt joints seized from salt water corrosion then helped burn up the pump trying to tilt it?  It would (I imagine) be about the same as strapping the LU to the stern and laying on the T/T switch.  That salt without rinsing could be a contributing factor on the pump, too.  You may actually be pretty lucky that it lasted 7 years.

Just some thoughts though...


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Wrap the tilt joints and bolts in rags soaked in dripping PB Blaster or other corrosion cutter.  Soak overnight, praying helps.

Get a MAPP torch, hottest I've found is the torch from Harbor Freight, hotter than the Bernzomatics.

Use the Yellow enhanced MAPP clone cylinders from Bernzomatic.  Real MAPP is NLA  was much hotter than the replacement, plant closed.

Using an acetylene/oxy torch on these can easily overheat the aluminum and other parts causing major $$$ damage plus gas fire.

Remove soaked rags before torching otherwise will require more sanding and repainting than necessary[biggrin]

have fun

When docked/anchored up on the salt, I tilt the motor full up and engage the trailering latch to take the weight off the hydraulics.

I spray the transom bracket/hydraulics off with fresh water and SaltaWay flush every trip.
Coat the dry bracket and hydraulics several times a year with a marine corrosion inhibitor.

Motor may not be able to overcome the salt corrosion binding in the tilt mechanics

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Does your tilt motor run  or try to run in the UP direction?  If it runs ok going down, but doesn't even click in the UP, it could be your "UP Travel Limit Switch". 
Find it and trace the wire to a connector under the housing, disconnect and short the connector on the engine side and see if that helps.

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