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Why are the EMM failures still going on? External voltage regulators' would protect EMM and make it a easy replacement as well as cheaper. Mine just went out at 240 hrs. I replaced 2 injectors, fuel pump and now an EMM. Making something complicated is not always a good thing.  

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Would you share a detailed diagnosis of the parts or function of the EMM which were compromised resulting in the decision requiring replacement.  It would be very interesting to understand the "failure" better.  What EMM P/N?  What year motor?

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Catmanone - You shouldn't be resurrecting 3+ year old posts.  Best to start a new one if there's a question.

Meanwhile, ++ to ElderSparky!  Also, replacing injectors and fuel pump MAY indicate running old stale fuel, or fuel delivery problems (restrictions and/or air leaks) in the hoses and fittings back to the fuel tank.

Overheating any computer (like an EMM) is also the fast road to failure, along with the voltage spikes that you describe.  If all cooling flow hasn't been completely checked, a new EMM may last a shorter time than the first one.

When properly cared for (the whole engine), these things last 1,000's of hours.


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Phil, Sorry about the old post reply but that's what I found online. I'm a maintenance nut, as an ex-marine I change fuel filters 4 times a year an impellor every year and plugs and only non ethanol fuel , it doesn't seem to matter much as this motor. I only go to an authorized dealer and I forgot to add the M2 lower unit replacement. If you make it simple so you can do some things such as an impeller, spark plugs boat owners will enjoy their investment instead of waiting to get a bill at my present over 6,000. EMM no overheat or alarms or over RPMS, been doing it for 50 yrs and try doing maintenance with an adjustment for shifter height on lower unit. Mercury looking better. 

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If you after help why not post a history report or at least answer Elder's question about what engine you are talking about in another post instead of posting on an old one. No one is stopping you from doing the services on your engine if you have the skills. Doing preventative maintenance is not hard at all and the shift shaft on an E/J has not changed in years and I have seen more twisted, broken shiftshafts on Mercs than problems with the up/down movement of an Evinrude. 
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