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nice looking RIB.  please post  a couple videos running at speed with the motor in the shot.  Light weight E-TECs are always impressive on high speed RIBs. Can be a wild ride.[biggrin]

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Originally Posted by paran
Hello from Greece,

I have the diagnostic program and the rpm I wrote are the real.
My tachometer is anyway accurate enough, because when testing it through the ev diagnostic, at 2400 rpm reads 2350. The same almost difference remains until the max rpm the engine went, the tachometer always read a little less...
The speed readings is from Navionics HD, so it is very accurate...
I didn't make the calculations about the slip percentage, but I think that this prop at high speed reacts like it is 16", or something like that...
Looking the way the boat goes out of the water, I think this is let's say a "multi pitch" prop...

Anyway, this is simply the best prop I have test until now, so it will be my main prop, until I find something more interesting...

Thanks boys,

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Not tried a ballistic yet ! Then less drag than a viper and higher revs your down on ! Better prop for the job

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Well only saying nr don't ad up. Even though cuping ads pitch, it's usually no more then 1" more. In your case, not even 2" would be enough.

I also have the diagnostic tool, and I have a small error at test rpm, but the error inreases as the rpm gets higher. If you say yours doesn't, maby it doesn't, but normally they do.

If you're happy its all fine.

Silver Hawk 520. E-Tec 90 hp, E90DPLSRC, s/n 05071973, Powertech RED 17"
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