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since one week I'm looking for a solution.
The engine is only used in holidays 4-6 weeks a year.
Last year everything was ok. Boat and engine stayed in storage.
I took the gearcase with me, to let renew all seals, impeller... by a professional. And new sparks.
Easy start like every year. But on higher rpm the engine suddenly runs bad after some minutes. On full throttle only one minute or less.
Fuel pump is working, the filter after the pump is always filled half.
No faults in the EvDiag.
I noticed at full throttle, that it's only one cylinder not running. I tested it only for around 30 seconds. When I stop #1 there's no effect, only when stopping #2 or #3.
#1 is the last injector left original. Is it possible that this is the reason, without registered fault?
Only 469 hours, crazy...

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A dirty clog injector will not register any fault, since you say that here is no change when you drop that injector, the reason could be that one is not shooting any or very little fuel into the camber, just a thought   
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I have a used working injector in reserve, with this one in #1, the same fault.
I exchanged the ignition coils of #2 and #1, nothing.
Is it possible, that the Fuel Pump Vapor Separator doesn't work correctly?

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check list  any use ... things to investigate

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The root cause: Little rubber particles in the vapor pump!

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Check the fuel inlet hose to the vapor seperator. The one at the bottom of the VST closest to the engine. If it is very soft at the right angle bend then it is degrading and causing rubber particles.

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There was a soft hose after the fuel filter. I replaced it.
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