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E250DHLINM 5338916...Good Morning All...recently on my last day fishing in Minnesota, went to winterize my ETEC...boat on trailer at the launch...motor warmed up...first time winterizing as power head replaced over the winter 2017, and was in heated shop at Platinum dealer...went by instructions in manual...depressed hotfoot about half way...engine in neutral, and started...engine at idle in neutral...4 lights on...after 15 seconds or so, 4 lights went off...backed off hotfoot, waited 15 seconds, and depressed hotfoot half way again in neutral...motor would not accelerate, and ran rough and started to shake pretty good...shut it down and tried again, same thing...second time got low oil alarm...tank full and bulb please...thanks much...Geo


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Several years Since I wintersised with a foot throttle but from memory as per instructions on the gauges I kept throttle at half till it stalled itself.
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Never have done a hotfoot, and surely no expert - but I've heard that it runs rough when Winterizing?  My 90 HP didn't seem 'real' rough, but I may have been paying more attention to lights, timing, etc.

You may have been on the road to getting it done, and shut off too soon?  Don't think it would hurt to go more than 1/2 on the 2nd go, as when in Neutral you should have an internal limit that keeps it to a fast idle.


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To me it sounds normal what you experienced. Only that the oil pressure alarm comes on... I have experienced that my self without paying to mush attention to that as I thought it was caused by low ambient temp was 50F or so and high oil consumption.
This rough running last for a minute or so, eventually it stops, always have done. But I must admit it is awful long time when listening to an engine that suffers (we think).
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