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Went the islands for the day.  Steering was blissfully easy and precise.  Anchored for the day.  Leaving the island, steering is a mess - hard to turn, jerky, and I can hear the pump running anytime I give an input to the wheel.  WRRRRRR.  I have never heard the pump run before.

No leaks and I had it power purged when commissioning the boat 16 hours ago (engine hours).  Everything new helm, hoses, fluid.  No codes on the engine display.

Anything I can check myself?  Dealer support will be a haul out affair.  Reading some related threads, I will check to ensure the hoses are not kinked.

300 G2, serial # 05461124


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Today I looked for the obvious - leaks, pinched lines, etc.  Nothing to report.  I took a short video of the steering function:

The motor was tilted up all the way to one stop yesterday.  Normally it is stored centered. Maybe some air migrated to one side of the system?  I'll call around tomorrow to see if anyone local has a power purge system.

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