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Friends first season with 2018 G2 200 HP his son went to shallow damaging the SS prop two blades tips have some deep cuts ,the dealer who we both like said one of the blades also was slightly bent effecting the cupping . The dealer said he should get it fixed but could wait another year . I think he should get it fixed a prop out of balance can't be good for the lower unit or I'm I wrong ?

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Fix the prop, don't wait.
Any out of balance will shake the prop shaft and may cause the shaft seal to leak.

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Check for a bent shaft as well

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Thanks, hopefully he'll take your advise ! 

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Running the motor with an obvious damaged prop causing vibration may very well negate part or all of the BRP Evinrude warranty.
Exposing the motor to damage due to deliberate willful action by owner.

Shakes parts loose on motor, can snap the crankshaft.

Worse yet, crack or break the transom

Most stainless steel prop bent blade repairs for that size prop run $150>$200 depending on location.
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