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2005 225 DHXSOC

A storm came up on us and we had been beached (mud) for about 5 hours... I could not lift the boat out of the mud so I put in reverse and gave it alot of throttle but not wot.  maybe 8 seconds and we were off.  After I went to neutral the motor died And took along time to start.  Then it ran for about 30 seconds at 1000rmp and died. never to start again.  

At first I thought we cold froze it.   The rebuild book says to run for 8 min at idle.   However the next morning I was able to turn the flywheel.  The starter would not engage with the key so I crossed the solenoid and it cranked.   Im sure the starter bushings are burn from all the starting.   The motor now cranks but no start.  Here is what I have observed so far.

Took fuel filter off and there was no water in fuel.
High Pressure fuel pump comes on and abruptly stops, however its full of fuel.  When I released the pressure fuel shot everywhere and when key was on the next time the pump ratched up and shut off.
The last two lights on the emm are on with key on. 
The second light on the emm falshes when you crank it.. so cps must be working.
The first light is not on. 
When the key is on the gauge lights up and beeps but sometimes the Emm does not light up and then it just turns on after a few seconds.  
the rpm gauge moves when cranking.
My guess is there is no spark.  BUt where should i look and how do i check.  read to much about messing up the emm so I want to be careful in proceeding.

I also checked the ignition switch while tapping on it to see if it was bad a few wires came off. I put them back on and the red/purple wire got hot and started melting so i turned key off and it stopped.  Went and got the service Manuel and the wires are correct.  when you turn the key on the wire gets super hot.   with key on it crosses over to the wire that turns the gauge on.  when you turn to start the S wire becomes live as it should.  Im stumped on this... Sometimes the key will crank the motor and sometimes it takes a minute to start cranking.   I bypassed neutral switch check and see if that part is bad.  how could this happen because of a high rev in reverse or is this just a crazy coincidence.

I took a good switch off of my 2000 model 150. It looks identical to my 05 switch with wiring colors and terminals.  I disconnected wiring harness from boat. and installed this switch at the motor.  With key on the emm came on and fuel pump kicked in then the fuse blew.   I disconnected the fuel pump and tried again and the fuse blew.   

At the engine harness where you can plug in a switch the red/purple wire has power and it also has continuity to the block... How can this be.  I also unplugged all the cables from the emm and the problem is still there. 

Also the starter cable when removed from the solenoid has continuity to the block. 
There are now wing nuts in use battery is fully charged and connections are tight.
Any ideas?

RAndy sutton
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