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I have E-TEC 90 - 2004, E90DSLSRS. Last season worked great, this year I have a problem crancking. I realized that the problem is not cold or worm engine, but the moisture in the air (sorry for my english). In the morning, when everthing is wet outside, it cranks realy bad, sometimes I can't start it at all, like dead battery, but the battery is new and 100% good one... I even changed starter, with newer model, but it is the same...
Then if I leave it couple of hours on the sun, it cranks much much better, engine starts, and then it runs the whole day without any problem... but if I'm on the see till dark, moisture in the air starts, the problems are comming back, it cranks ok, but engine starts dying when i put it in reverse od gear, needs 2-3 crank to start againg, cranks harder and harder...
guess the problem is in the wires somewhere, I read a lot of posts... I checked the wires visualy, but I don't see anything. I bought evinrude diagnostic, but no errors there...
I don't know what to look at, or where to start.

Hrvoje - Croatia - Europe

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If the engine is unable to crank over ("like dead battery") in "wet weather", the problem is most likely in a bad connection in the 12-Volt battery-to-engine cables.

In 12-Volt DC wiring, a very thin layer of insulation can stop the flow of electrical current. A connection that becomes wet could develop corrosion and insulation that will stop the flow of current. The connection may look or appear to be normal, but there may be a thin layer--just a few molecules thick--of insulation that prevents flow of current.

A very good product for restoring electrical connections that are wet is the product WD40. The WD stands for Water Displacement.

Also, carefully check all connections for the heavy battery cables between the battery terminal posts and the engine terminal posts. If there is any doubt about the integrity of the connections, disassemble the connection. Use very fine (600-grit) emery cloth to burnish the contact surfaces of the ring terminals. Use WD40 to clean the terminals. Reassemble the connections. Be certain to use the recommended method, including using a star-washer at the battery terminals. 

DANGER: Be careful working with a storage battery and using metal tools. Take care to not short out the battery with a metal tool. Often a metal tool can be temporarily wrapped with insulating electrical tape to make the chance of a short circuit via the tool less likely.

Another problem with engine running characteristics that could be affected by wet weather is the high-voltage spark plug leads. Make certain the high-voltage spark plug leads are in good condition and are not shorting to ground in wet conditions. One method to detect spark plug wire arcing to ground is to remove the cowling and observe the engine while running in total darkness.

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