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Hi All,

I'm thinking about upgrading my I3 90 from my current System Check gauges to Icon Basic or Pro and need to educate myself about what is involved with this. Your help and advice would be much appreciated.

What changes to my current wiring harness would be required? I have side mount controls. Ha, ha... I don't suppose it is simply a matter of plug and play with my existing wire harness? Do I have to run a complete new harness right from the engine to the control box & dash. I suppose I'm opening up a Pandora's box fraught with all kinds of details and complexity with significant expense? I don't want to go high-tech bonkers. I just want to do the most cost effective upgrade to increase to more accurate data. In particular, accurate rpms. I currently have analog water pressure, pitot & GPS speed (with my Hummingbird 597 CI HD old NMEA 0183) finder chartplotter, which I am fine with. It would be nice if I could read engine fault codes, hours & maybe temperature. Not really sure what I should go with while not spending thousands. Just maybe a few hundred. I know this is a tall order & wishful thinking. I just want to know what's involved with this before taking with my dealer so I don't seem like a complete dumb dumb. Thanks!

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We are very fortunate to have etecownersgroup member jimh our resident Evinrude Electronic Instruments Guru and in the General Information Category you'll find detailed posts by jimh on the topic you seek information on. Some of these are,
and in particular

Also on page 8 of Evinrude Rigging Essentials 2017. ICON Gauges, what's available ect. Download from this link (43MB)
Happy reading

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If you already have a Tachometer with SystemCheck annunciator lamps, you could keep that in use if you like. That is possible because the ICON gauges do not make connections to the MWS wiring harness; they use a NMEA-2000 network, a marine communication protocol that is in wide use now for boat communication among devices.

To use ICON Pro or ICON Basic gauges you have to install a NMEA-2000 network, and you need to connect the E-TEC engine and the gauges to the network.

To connect the network to a legacy E-TEC engine you need a special drop cable because the connector at the engine is not the standard connector.

The ICON gauges connect to the network with a standard connector.

Since you cannot get TRIM data from a three-cylinder E-TEC, do not worry about the trim circuit modifications I mentioned in the article GEB has pointed to.

To build a network, get a starter kit. The best values in starter kits are given in a separate article. See

NMEA-2000 DeviceNET Micro Starter Kits

For more information on ICON gauges, see this lengthy article with many details, descriptions, and illustrations:

To prepare for ICON gauges, the cost of the network wiring devices will be as follows:

--one starter kit, about $60

--one special drop cable for E-TEC, about $70

Installation of the network is not particularly complex or challenging. Installation can be done by an installer with moderate skill with hand tools and a familiarity with mating small electrical connectors together. The network requires connecting to power; the ACCY circuit of the ignition key switch is a common source of 12-Volt DC power for the network. The installer must deduce where to make this connection and install an appropriate fuse.

EV-Diagnostic cables are back in stock.

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