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I just read through 16 pages of concerns and complaints about the big block E-TEC's.  I do realize the only people who are posting, have (or did have) problems and I am sure they represent a small minority.

Problems seem to be  all over the place...burned up pistons, over oiling, unexplained shut downs, excess oil consumption, etc....

What actual documented issues (if any) are there with the 300 HP motors?  Is there a fix for any supposed problems?  I have friends with 200 and 225 E-TECs and they are great!  I've run these boats and they perform fantastic.  But these are not the big block motors.

I would love an E-TEC powered hull as long as I new it was not a ticking bomb, so to speak, since I would not be able to afford a new power head if something catastrophic would happen.'

All this said, how much of what I read is true and how much is hype? What do I need to look for? 

Thanks,  Scott

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I have a 300 HP E-Tec as well as some of my customers. 

The three times that there was extensive engine damage it was caused by air in the fuel lines, because filters were mounted dry so the seals did not seat properly and air was sucked in. 

One of my customers has a thrill ride boat and the engines were pushed ridiculously hard without faults for over 1000 hr. Immediately after a service both engines dramatically failed. (this does not mean that you shouldn't have regular services[wink] [wink] Not affected pistons still looked good so plenty of life left. 

I don't think that there is a huge difference between the 225 hp's and the 300 hp's, but some people on this site will know a lot more! 

Prop the engine right, get high quality filters and enjoy! 


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We have a 2010 300HP with over 900 hrs on it and it is still running strong with no problems. Run XD100 and keep up on maintenance and change filters regularly like any other engine.
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Hi Scott,

I have a 2010 300hp E-Tec with 550 + hours on it so far - no problems at all.


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Thanks folks - like i thought, more hype than reality.

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Goes along the lines like......"a friend of mines buddy's friend said that his cousin heard a friend's story of....." Get a E-TEC mech. to look over the engine, survey, and get a history report for the engine and go from there. Basics: compression, fuel pressure etc., etc., look at and test the boats fuel delivery system. What oil has been used? XD100?
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What Thom said is the best advise you will get with any second hand outboard purchase-the internet is full of "experts" and speaking from my experience the 3.4L series has been great for us and I have not seen a burnt up piston (can not think of alot of such things happening either on here by actual owners), over oiling etc.

Simple FACTS are they are strong clean and fuel efficient engines but buying anything second hand product is a gamble so do as Thom said and if you want get a history report and post so that some very experienced people can look at it, that actually work on these things 5-6 days a week-not some body that knows somebody or read somewhere that this or that happened.

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Truth be Told!
2010 etech 250HO meticulously maintained. Freshwater life. Very low hours, read less than 400. Lazy river cruise with family. 5th cylinder catastrophic blowup. No lights or warnings. Good fuel, best oil. WTF! Always problems with it. Lifetime boat owner of all sizes and propulsion types. Looking for rebuild/reman solution upper midwest, with warranty. Or another Used BigBlock 2012 +
BRP solution, buy new... wrong answer.
Life ring, anybody...?

[biggrin] Thanx 4 ur help!

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I've had a pair of 300s for 8 years. Over a thousand hours. I've had two problems: the pressure relief valves in both motors went bad and resulted in flywheel/stator replacement. The other problem was the TPS both had to be replaced. Other than that, just the usual small electrical/spark plug maintenance issues. Oh, and the counter rotating gearcase needs oil changes at about 50 hours.

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Just today I turned down a sales opportunity on a new 25hp. Potential customer said he had inhereted
his father's old boat and wanted a new 25 hp Etec. Then said he'd probably only use it a couple of times a year. I advised him to look for an older carbureted engine that could handle sitting and not being used.
I would rather have someone say "they gave me honest advice" rather than "That new Etec is junk. it shouldn't have problems because it has low hours and I never run it very fast".

Electric fuel pumps and injectors don't like to sit unused.
Two stroke engines like to rev high to burn the carbon off the pistons and rings.
Etec engines do not wear out the Piston rings or cylinder walls.
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