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What do codes 202, ESC Position Stability Performance and 191, ETC Movement Fault indicate.
Both codes have only recorded 1 occurrence.
202 at 3hrs
191 at 33hrs
I did notice 191 flash on the plotter 3 or 4 times during startup on my last trip but wasn't recorded by the EMM.

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202 ESC / SPS Stability Performance X Engine Check Engine immediate Both Shift Position Sensor A and Shift Position Sensor B are faulty (Fault codes 206 or 208 AND 209 or 210).

191 ETC step response failure X Engine Check Engine immediate Throttle position ≥ 10% during step closed or throttle position ≤ 80% during step open. Throttle plate not opening or closing enough. Engine limited to 1200 RPM. Check for foreign object in throttle body

You may want to see your dealer about this. 202 seem to have been only a flash, 191 means the throttle was sticking.


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Thanks Nordmann I'll follow it up.

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Only 10hrs since my above post but no further fault codes recorded. I suspect there is some form of communication error between the EMM and Garmin plotter. I now have a different code flashing on screen (plotter only) when the ignition is turned on. It's only briefly visible and I needed to turn the key on and off while looking at the right part of the screen to be able to read it.

Code 36 - Waiting for Neutral.

Without touching anything else the engine starts instantly. Been away for work so hopefully give her another run this week.

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So one night cruising home in the rough, the ETC alarm sounded and the engine reduced to idle speed. I shifted to neutral and took a few seconds to think about our situation. The alarm ceased soon after and we continued home at normal speed.
The engine didn't shut down but it was time to see a dealer.
There was also a knock code recorded during the trip that I'd been unaware of. (95 ron, no ethanol, few weeks since filled)
The dealer performed a throttle body calibration and said if the fault came back they would replace the throttle body under warranty.
Have only run 6/7 hours since due to the wind at this time of year but all seems well.

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