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Just replaced 1st injector on a 12 year old
115 etec with 680 hours. Injector had lots of crud including what looked like salt residue. Injector cost $300 cleaning is $60. For extra $240 I can have new injector times 3.
How long should an injector last? I switched over to portable fuel tank until I can onboard tank fixed to resolve water in fuel issue. Yikes! Break out another $1,000

2007 115hp


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Did you "Ohm" them?  They should read under 3 ohms.  If so, I'd just get them cleaned.  Save all that coefficient replacement, etc. - not that it's all that difficult.

They should last "almost" forever and certainly the life of the engine given proper care.  Sure, you'll hear of one failing here or there, but overall I'm thinking one of the longest lived components on there.

EDIT:  Use some of the money saved to install a good fuel/water separator (Racor, etc), and maybe also try Oly's Brew - about 3.5 oz of your motor oil per 5 gallons of fuel to help lube your fuel pump along with the injectors.


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Water in fuel for long enough will give a white powder corossion inside the injector housings.
Cleaning may clean the housing and get crud out of the injectors,,,, but the coroded housing now has unsealed aluminum and a shortened life span.

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Salt water motor?
Older V4 motors came with small dirt only filter, no water separator on motor

Install the large high capacity water separator dirt filter used on 2009 and later V4 V6 motors.

5007013FILTER / SENSOR Assy, Fuel

plus appropriate cannister.

Want minimum of 2 water separators between fuel tank and injectors on these motors especially when used in salt water.

Even in fresh water using ethanol booze fuel, makes a corrosive slop called phase separated fuel.  Water and ethanol drop to bottom and first to be picked up in tank.  Gasoline above has all the octane booster removed by the time it reaches fuel pickup.  Motor burns low octane fuel with lots of engine knock and resulting physical damage.

Another low cost insurance to run along with Oly's Brew is Stabil 360 Marine, protects aluminum fuel tanks to combustion chambers.

Since there is heavy corrosion in the injectors, will be the same in the high pressure fuel pump and the VST.  Clean both.


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Steelhead where does that fuel/water seperator plug in on the older motors? Or do you just not connect the lead to anything? Also are there mounting holes there for it on the older motors?

Looks like 5011097 is the newer superseded version.

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Your model # is a 2008 motor model year.

Socket #27 on the engine wiring harness is for the WIF sensor.

Bolts right up to block, you'll probably need the mounting hardware from a 2009 model and the fuel hose from lift pump to new fuel filter housing.

We've mounted several for fishing buddies

Do NOT use the Sierra spin on filter, ONLY 21 micron dirt and who knows what for water separator.  NOT enough to protect expensive injectors.

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Thank you!
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