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Have issue with starting perhaps charging
Read some threads and tryed some things
Has no issue turning over just no ignition

Stops running after a bit occured twice
Thought the battery was too old
100 amp Load test said it is running low

Put in new battery and crimped on a new positive lug
Started up ran for a bit and the stopped when shifting no restart
Charged up battery started and ran for a while

Did a voltage drop test at battery end vs starter end of batt cables
Losing a volt and a half at starter with 100 amp tester
cut out splice in battery cables noticed corrosion

Crimped on new lugs to original factory cables
started and ran on ears at idle
looked like 12.5 volts at battery
bumped up to 1500
volts up to 13.8 and run for 15 minutes at idle

Drained the battery a small amount with load tester
Will not start now

Disconnected positive cable for 60 seconds reattached
Low on volts 12.5 at battery
Ran up to 1500 slowly went to 13.2 volts

LED lights do what manual wants
bottom three key on
all four on when starting
all four off when running

we run the critter at low speed all the time
Attached is diagnostic report done with eastern bloc soft ware
when the engine was not running
It would not connect at all after I tryed getting a report while running
worked ok on my 2008 etec
Probably got mad at me with the newer engine

PA 3199 DNBWCH7367M84HETEC 405438613  E40DSLAGB2015

pdf Corinthian 40 HP report 10.05.pdf     

PA 3199 DNBWCH7367M84HETEC 405438613E40DSLAGB2015

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