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Originally Posted by rickmcd53
I don't know if more advertising would have helped.
New boat buyers did not have much choice the last several years as most boats were packaged with Mercury or Yamaha. Current boat owners that went to boat shows "just looking" had any future repower decisions influenced by 90 percent of the show having other brands on them.

The E/J brand may never come back out but how many people, especially the younger buying market would buy a Sea-Doo brand outboard?

Hi Rick,
I understand what you've said. I am only voicing my frustration publicly, now that this has happened to the Evinrude name... AGAIN! Believe me when I say, I am not Monday morning quarterbacking here. But, it has been my observation and complaint ever since BRP bought the Evinrude / Johnson etc. brands from the defunct OMC... that this is where things started to seal the eventual coffin for them. For exactly what you state about the competition snapping up the other boat brands and pairing tem with their engines as a result of the OMC fire sale. That was where the outboard engine companies (in particular Brunswick / Mercury) strategically recognized the marketing advantage of package deals with their outboards. OMC / Genmar conglomerate had been packaging OMC engines and boats like this for years before OMC went bankrupt. During that time, as you see now, almost all boats on the water were packaged with an OMC Evinrude / Johnson engine. Mercury and others were minor on the Boating scene.

The Fatal mistake of BRP corporate management and marketing, was that they only bought the Evinrude engine name and not at least some of the boat companies to hang their engines on! Brunswick Corporation / Mercury, especially, recognize this and started to package many boats with their engines raising their name to increased public prominence instead of their Evinrude / OMC former competitor.

So corporate BRP started out trying to revive Evinrude from behind on many fronts! That being :

1. Public & dealer distrust of Evinrude and two strokes due to the miserable failure of the FICHT engines! They released the FICHT design too early to public marketplace with only "beta" level testing of the engineering design conversion of carbureted engines 2 direct injection. This, combined with very lax quality control as a result of Outsourcing to China, Mexico and others. In essence they made the public do their "beta" testing. That strategy backfired and bankrupt the company with heavy warranty costs among other factors including foreign competition and EPA restrictions.

2. The public's misinformed understanding of old 2 two-stroke carburetor technology vs. four stroke... with respect to EPA regulations.

3. The marketing time lag it took to re-engineer and retest the improved FICHT design to its final iteration of E-Tec. During that time the when BRP / Evinrude was absent from the marketplace, the only product was essentially the competition which converted to 4-stroke engines packaged on their own boats which they purchased after OMC went bankrupt!

That's why BRP's management and marketing strategy should should have purchased at least some boats so that they could package them with engines... once they restarted Evinrude. That way, Evinrude's lack of public marketing prominence perception problem could have been mitigated! Thereby, lessening lack of sales once they did restart Evinrude. These are management and marketing decisions that BRP failed to anticipate and execute, as a result, right from the start!

Best regards,
Lakerider [smile]

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