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Been using this for several years.  Solves much of the corroded broken bolt and corroded through pitted section mating surfaces.  Even holds up on the inner exhaust parts

metallic-free marine grade of anti-seize which protects up to 2400°F and is non-conductive. It is not considered a marine pollutant and is highly water resistant yet meets the military MIL-PRF-907E specifications. Being a thick dark-colored paste, it does not stain items with a silver gray coating that common anti-seize products do which smears onto tools, hands, and boat parts.

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There are hardly any parts on an Evinrude or Johnson outboard motor that need an anti-seize compound on them.  For most bolts in saltwater use Evinrude's Triple Guard grease on the threads and that will keep them from freezing up.

Anti-seize is very messy and gets all over tools, parts, and worst of all, the customer's boat.  It is best used in certain situations such as stern-drive and inboard exhaust manifold bolts or studs that are in need of high heat tolerance and rust protection on the threads and shanks.

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