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hi folks.  is there a preferred alignment for placing an etec on a pallet and any tips for easily cradling or protecting the motor?

i need to move an etec 200 i am buying 250 miles in a pickup.  the seller has offered to place it on a pallet and forklift it into the truck. it will be lifted off the pallet and hung vertical as soon as i get it home.

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The best way is to lay it down resting on the engine bracket on the pallet and the cone of the LU, nail two block of wood on each side of the LU put plenty of rags to prevent scratches, use a couple of straps ratchets to secure it to the pallet, use caution not to put to much pressure on the straps that will crack the lowers,  I drove mine when I bought it for 100 miles on my pickup tuck    
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