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Hi all,

So I have combed over the forums and I assume I already know what answer I will get (bad EMM), but in case I missed it I am going to detail it here. I am trying to help my father get this working again.

40HP Etec Model E40DSLSCS Serial #5213650.

Cruising across the lake in some rough weather and the engine quit on us. No power, no tilt,  nothing. Got it back home and noticed the 10Amp fuse had blown. Replaced fuse and blew on each ignition turn. Dad assumed it was a bad ignition switch and replaced with new one. Fuse blew. I found on these forums about checking the EMM.

Removed the purple cable (switched b+ in manual) from the back of the ignition switch and turned key no fuse blown. Replaced and turn key, fuse blows. We then purchased the EVdiag software with bootstrap cable. The only way to connect to the EMM was to unplug the J2 connection and leave the purple cable (switched b+) connected to the ignition switch. Diag report shows some old faults over 40 hours ago (Engine temp above range-murky water trip and shut off engine to clean out before we started again), and low voltage some times but no active faults.

So after reading other posts, we decided to push forward and try an EMM recovery. Followed the instructions from the software and it completed fine. Fuse continues to blow.

So now I am worried we are stuck with a bad EMM.

Any extra steps for us to try or suggestions would be wonderful.

Thank you,


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