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I have searched and can not find answer so here it goes.

Am I correct in the assessment that the whole shell comes of in two halves instead of just the insert panels on the 3 cyls?

When I pop the covers out of the Allen head fasteners it seems to be solid plastic like a fake fastener. I also do not see a seam where the insert is separate from the side panel, hence my thinking.

I am trying to get them off to send for graphics so any help would be appreciated.


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The engine covers are comprised of 2 frames, port and starboard. The "panel" with the Evinrude logo is a custom part of the frame.
Your best option for customization is to order the panel skins. The skins fit right over the existing panel. There are different colors and even an unpainted version intended for custom paint jobs or wraps. You will need to contact a dealer to set up the order. You can get a head start at

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Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately my dealer says they can't get them yet or something like that.the graphic company said the same thing , they can get everything but the 3 cyl . They ordered the logo and swish for me alreadybut need me to send my panels.this throws kkink in that idea I guess

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Unpainted panels and standard painted panels along with the part numbers are available. They can be obtained through an Evinrude dealer who can easily access and order the panels on BossWeb in the E-Custom (panel kits) section under the Parts tab



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