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2011 I just rigged on my boat. Starts and runs fine until I give it throttle in neutral then begins to shut of and on at around 1200 RPM. Smooths back out when throttle returned to idle. All connections and rigging checked multiple times. Shows no codes in diagnostics and correct light sequence on EMM. The dealer test ran it for me when I picked it up and had no problems.
Any suggestions?

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I would suggest it's the rev limiter. Stops over revving in neutral and say they on here ,,making the internal parts external,,

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++ to alana!  You need to be in the water and in gear to go higher in rpm's.  DO NOT put it in gear on a hose and try to spin it up!

The other thought is starting it with some throttle - that will make it think you're trying to winterize, with about the same results.


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So how would it know it's in gear?
It revved up on the stand at the dealers shop where I bought it.
Im not starting with the throttle advanced

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There is a gear position switch on the engine shift linkage. Your shift cable could be misadjusted just enough to be in neutral but not have the switch depressed. Monitor screen on EV5 would show gear position.

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Y'all are right, it does have to be in gear.
Thanks guys
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