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Model: E225DHLSDF
Serial: 05126774

Motor started cutting above 4000 rpm's. Got home pulled the spark plugs (new set at beginning of season) less than 50 hours on them probably. And #6 cylinder showed different wear than others. About once a month i have to pull spark plugs out and re-gap to manufacture recommendation specs. I need to know where to go from here. Probably a fuel pressure test, and compression test? What specific tool do you all recommend to perform the fuel pressure test due to these being expensive i would like to make sure to get one that works. What about a coil test? What about injector test? Hoping by seeing this pic that someone could lead me in the right direction. The spark plug on top is the #6 cyl.

Thanks in advance
spark plug wear sept 2019.jpg 


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Based on the looks of your spark plugs you might have a fuel delivery problem and the engine is running lean. On an E-TEC "normal" plug color is a bit more black than the top plug in your picture. I would not run the engine before everything in the fuel system from tank to engine is checked.
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