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I am considering a new motor for my boat.  I use it mainly for trolling around 2 mph and troll for hours on end.
How well would a 2 stroke 2020 90 hp evinrude take that?
I am old school....2 strokes don't troll well, as they foul up...
What about the new ones?
Thanks for your help.

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For 5 years and 1500 hours I ran my 75 ETEC (same I-3 as the 90hp) cruising 8 hours a day at 1800 rpm or less. Stopped on sandbars 5 times a day to let the dog out and instead of anchoring would just run up on the beach and leave the motor idiling in gear. On the way home the second day I would give it a wide open throttle run for 15 minutes. Changed my spark plugs every 500 hours.

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rich has it covered.

Hate a 4 smoke for trolling, motor never gets hot enough to burn off rich fuel mix, then can't run lean stratified mode like the E-TECs do.

So all that extra rich raw gas goes past the rings into the oil crankcase which then fills up and starts coming out any holes.  Thick googy mess if run long this way.  Even the 4 smoke manuf's with EFI inject in the cold intake runner, same problemo.  Cold gas spray goes back to liquid gas and into the crankcase.  Any that's still in a mist is not enough for smooth running.  End result, engine rebuilt time

Go test drive an I3 E-TEC, smooth at all rpms.  Makes more exhaust engine noise at mid range rpms 2000>4000 because it's making more torque and horsepower.  Their mid range cruise beats any 4 smoker.  Ever hear a small block built Chevvy turning 8 grand dual pumpers on Edelbrock manifold on nice dual pipes making 500hp+, never go back to another brand.


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60% of my 400 or so HRS... after 15 years on  my 75hp  I3 were  mostly  trolling 600-700  rpms  with  2 cups of gas /hr   

never had any issues  with plugs fouling up

I used  2+4D  and  BRP engine cleaner  regularly   

ETEC 75 HP  2005  ser# 05107924  &  1966  9.5 hp  Sportwin 9622a 

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Rick has it covered may be old school but the engine is not. As the engine is direct injection, no oil and gas ever mix together. Only fuel is injected in to the combustion chamber so oil never becomes a factor to foul spark plugs. People troll or run their pontoons all day long at low speeds.

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Just curious.... Why are you considering purchasing a motor that isn't being manufactured anymore?    I've got a 115 2008 Evinrude and could understand buying a replacement but not now with production cancelled...   

Just curious...
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