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Sounds like the dog clutches dropping in and out. Recommend recalibrating the shift before moving forward. If your do not have Evdiag you will need to see the dealer. And stop running it or to much Damage will be caused if not already.
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Do you still have that knocking noice when the outboard is in Neutral? Why are you running it without muffs and in gear I wonder? Are you using a static flush port while running your outboard? The static flush port was supposed to be used with the outboard OFF I thought. I’ve heard the lower unit noise only when running a heavy stainless prop in gear out of the water, but I only do that to verify I have engaged the shift rod properly after a water pump change. I never put the outboard in gear out of the water. Thats an accident waiting to happen me thinks. The heavy prop acts like a flywheel and that knocking noise you hear is fwd gear banging against the prop shaft. Do you have that knocking noise in the water in gear? Curious...

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The noise started when the motor started running rough and eventually stopped. I have not got the code again. I have only ran it a few times by putting it in gear to capture the sound it was making.
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