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Thanks rick I’m going to tear into the injector tomorrow and see what I find

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Yes the engine will run on any two of the three cylinders.

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Alright!. So I want to start off by saying barnacle bill and everyone on here is awesome! Just a quick recap for anyone having a similar issue the motor would rev perfect all the way through to as high as I let it on the trailer or trimmed up so the prop is just touching the water if I trimmed down and added the load that’s when it would only make it to 3k rpm. After a few fumbles and shade tree tests I went one cylinder at a time as suggested unplugged number 1 spark plug wire and the engine would not start now unplug only number two and engine would start right up then unplug only number three and no start so something was up with cylinder number two there was spark on all three cyclinder from coils and plugs so that checked out I ended up swapping injectors onto cylinder one for idle test and all
Of the sudden the engine could run on cyclinder two and three so the injector was definitely the issue. Best part is I called barnacle bills to purchase diag and the injector and he stopped me and chase the numbers down on the motor and come to find it she was still under warranty so it’s going to E tec shop locally next week hats off I am from Miami fl and you don’t see that kinda good honest service!

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Only on here, and from Barnacle Bill's!

Good luck with it, and happy boating!


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