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Hi folks.  I ran into an issue yesterday that I'm pretty sure was fuel related but wanted the forum's input.  I have a 2013 150 E-TEC (E150DPXAAB) with 2 ICON gauges (speed / tach).  I had the 3 year service done in April which included new fuel filters. I also have a Tohatsu 9.8 kicker that tees off the main fuel water separator.  The E-TEC has about 420 hours on it. 

I was running yesterday morning at about 3800 rpm for about an hour - got 25 miles off the coast of WA when we slowed the boat to troll speed for about 10 minutes while circling back and looking for fish.  Engine was running fine, temp good.  Decided to move on and accelerated back up to about 3000 rpm and after a minute or so, the engine abruptly shut down and we couldn't restart it for a while (maybe 20 minutes).   Didn't get any alerts. The self test was fine, gauges indicated acceptable engine temp, nothing clogging the intakes, electrical good.  There was fuel in the line, but I did pump the bulb a few times after a few unsuccessful restart attempts and could hear fuel moving in the line.  It took about 20 restart attempts before the motor finally restarted.  It then ran fine the rest of the day.  I last used the boat about 20 days ago when I filled the tank with non-ethanol fuel.  However yesterday morning, I did top off the 75 gal tank with about 8 gal of ethanol fuel.  

I've never had a issue like this before.  Any ideals of the cause? Should I take the motor in to get serviced and have them check the pump / injectors? Should I remove the gas? Other things to check? Thanks 


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From the symptoms it does "sound" like a fuel restriction.  Check tank venting too.

There was an old thread on here where the guy founds bits of paper towel? floating in the fuel tank.  Once in a while they'd get sucked against the pickup tube and stop the engine.  After they fell back off all was well for a while.  Could be some sort of 'fuel varnish' or tank lining too?

Another thought is there may have been some water in the tank that the ethanol picked up and brought through?  That's out of left field though, but possible food for thought.  

Good luck.


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hi do you have a shutoff valve that feeds the kicker ?????
william phelps

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Thanks for the input.  No shutoff valve for the kicker.  The fuel vent looks good, no corrosion on the screens.  
I'm thinking maybe there was some some debris in the tank? I did replace some of the wiring at the fuel sender at the beginning of the season. There was a lot of corrosion on the exterior of the old unit so I decided to remove the sender to clean it.   I was careful not to get anything into the tank when removing it and covered the hole while the sender was out, but maybe something flaked off the bottom of the gasket and fell into the tank when I removed it that I didn't notice.  

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Put a shutoff valve in the kicker fuel line, turn off when not using kicker, or use an electric shutoff valve to kicker>what I use.  An E-TEC lift pump and HP electric fuel pump together will suck air out of the kicker motor fuel system.

Test boat fuel system with clear hose for air leaks and a vacuum gauge for any restrictions.
also clear hose the feed to the kicker while running hard on the main.

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Awesome.  Will do. Thanks guys. 
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