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My port engine started acting up. It idles very rough and stalls until warm. On the top end I noticed I can’t get it past 5000 RPMs. Normally 5600 WOT. My starboard engine idles and runs at WOT normal 5600 RPMs. I changed all 6 plugs and they all looked good. I did the plugs on the other engine at same time and those all also looked the same. No single plug looked any different than the rest. I also changed the fuel filters in the bilge. I did not change the filter under cowl. Plugs and filters didn’t have any effect at all.

Any ideas why my engine is acting like this? It starts right up normal. 1st second of key turn. But again idles very rough. 100-200 RPM fluctuation. And if I throttle up the engine in neutral to about as fast as I dare 2500 rpm. I can still see the 100-200 rpm fluctuation.

Hoping this is a simple fix? Sensor or something?

Hydra-Sports 2500VX
06' twin 200 HO

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Spark, compression and and fuel pressure must be checked. If those are good, time to perform a cylinder drop test.
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