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I have an 10/2009 E-TEC 115HO - E115HSLISF, Serial #05273867, that was originally installed with I-Command gauges, one 4" and two of the 2"ones. I am changing them out to ICON gauges.

I installed:
 - ICON 4" Tachometer Gauge Kit Part Number 765480 Software Version PGFT47N Rev B 2/13/2012 
 - ICON 2" Water Temperature Gauge Kit Part Number 765529
 - ICON 2" Voltmeter Gauge Kit 766181

I removed the network T's that weren't needed, daisy chained the gauges, hooked up the Tach to the network bus and hooked up the ground and ignition wires from the Tach.

The gauges power on, I went through the Tach's initialization but when I start the outboard I am not getting any reading on the gauges. The Tach's needle does not move.

My first question is - is the 4" Tach Part Number 765480 compatible with a G1 E-TEC? If it's not what would the correct part number be? and If I need a different Tach will the other gauges work with it?

If the Tach is the compatible any thoughts on why it's not picking up data off the NMEA 2000 network would be welcome.

  Tach 3.png  Tach 4.png 


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Ok - I got the Tach gauge to work. I had an issue on the NMEA 2000 network - the two other gauges power-up but do not display any data the needles stay in the "down" position. Any idea if these gauges are compatible? 
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