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I posted a couple weeks ago. Have a 2009 250 etec, 390 hours. The first 250 hours were fresh water, the rest salt. End of last year in December I got a "hot" light and safe mode for about 30 seconds. It went off by itself and the engine ran fine. It was after about 1/2 hour around 2,000 - 2,500 RPM. Replaced thermostats over the winter and had codes read. Code 43 and it showed the port and starboard hit 199 degrees +/- .1 for 103 seconds twice. This year same thing this year but it happens each time about 15 minutes after start up and still around 2,000 - 2,500 RPM. Water pump is 80 hours old and water pressure remains well within Evinrude specs at all RPM. I replaced the recalled pressure relief valve but the exact same thing happens. Water pressure is always good but last two I times I immediately shut the engine off and immediately restarted it. The light was off and the engine ran great all day at all RPM. If the engine was hot it should have gotten hotter when it was shut off for 5 seconds. The dealer called Evinrude tech line. they suggested removing the gear case and looking at the brass pipe that connects the pump to the power head. They said they have had some develop pinholes. I may note that the engine is perfectly maintained annually and flushed thoroughly after each use. Any other thoughts? Has anyone had an issue with that pipe which is in the inner exhaust housing making removal of the power head necessary for replacement. It comes out the top. The boat is 150 miles in the water from my dealer and I am trying not to have to pull it and transport it if not absolutely needed. The fact that the light goes off after shutting off and restarting the motor makes me wonder if I don't have an issue with the "check" system. I am a car dealer and deal with erroneous check engine lights all the time!! 

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Kbh, couple of things come to mind (full disclosure I am not and expert) you said the WP is "80 hours old" is that 80 hrs of run time or since was installed? also you stated "the water pressure remains within Specs" do you have a water pressure sensor installed? were you trolling on rough seas? I am asking this question because it could be a case of aerated water if everything else checks


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The pump is 2 years old. It has only happened in no wake zones around 6 or 7 mph so certainly no aerated water. I have a water pressure gauge on the dash.
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